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Invest in PRO Boxing Brackets today and experience a new level of construction efficiency, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. Empower your team to build with confidence and make a lasting impact on your projects.


Comes as a set:

  • 1 x top bracket
  • 1 x bottom bracket


Please note: Sold in Bundles of 50.  Minimum Order is 100 Sets.


If requiring a specific number of sets, please contact the office directly.

PRO Boxing Brackets (Set)

  • Introducing our PRO Boxing Brackets made of Hi-Grade Aluminium, designed for the building trade. Save time and money with reusable forms for concrete foundations. Lightweight, easy to maneuver around the site, and highly visible, hard to lose or leave them behind. Customise with powder coating to match your company’s colors. Build efficiently, sustainably, and confidently with our PRO Boxing product.

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